The first-ever Santa Bianca liqueur: N/4.

Claudio and Benedetta live in a magical spot, in a farmhouse immersed in the green of the Tuscan hills. In the past years they have cultivated and distilled various essential oils of the highest quality, following the rules of certified organic agriculture.
Their everyday exchanges with spirit and liqueur makers, who have always wanted to give their creations a special flavour in a natural way, inspired them. This is how the idea of producing their own liqueurs came to life, embodied by the N.4 blend; a mix of citrus fruits, spices and herbs combining a rich, full and versatile bouquet of taste (to be consumed straight up, with ice, blended or simply as an accompaniment to a Gin Tonic).
Through a series of illustrations, the label narrates the flavors and fragrances the liqueur expresses when it touches the palate. A clean and essential design with a bold character, coordinated with the brand’s visual identity yet revealing a unique and distinctive style.