In Podere Santa Bianca products, the packaging created by Cacao Design tells a story made of plowed land, sweat and human work.

The redesign of the Santa Bianca logo and all packaging takes inspiration from art, or rather – and not surprisingly – from photography: the famous plowed fields by Mario Giacomelli (Senigallia, 1925-2000), wonderful and poetic aerial views in white and black with geometries and contrasts of a very powerful visual force, are in fact at the basis of the graphic design of the labels that characterize and cover the entire packaging of all the lines, immediately referring to the origin of the products: the earth.
That of Santa Bianca, however, is a particular land, still made of clods and human work, craftsmanship, sweat of the brow, corns and above all simple and real people. So are Giacomelli’s shots that inspired the graphics and so is Claudio Gaiaschi, the owner, who years ago decided to give up a job and a passion of which he was among the greatest represented in Milan – photography, not surprisingly – and dedicating his life to Podere Santa Bianca, in the heart of the wildest Tuscany, cultivating and harvesting hundreds of herbs from which, with natural processes and still “as in the past”, he extracts hundreds of essential oils of the highest quality.
In the design of the packs, this “human and true” side of the products had to find a balance with the need to have a look of strong appeal even for an audience made up of barmen and great chefs, who wisely use these drops for their cocktails or dishes in clubs all over the world, becoming the target focus of communication.
A transversal use, therefore, ranging from small local bio markets to fairs to the most modern night clubs in NY. A challenge that Cacao Design has faced and solved using, in contrast to the texture of the fields, acid colors and a refined and modern lettering, immediately recognizable even if easy to read. The colors are also used to facilitate the user in the immediate differentiation of the different product lines, each with its own personality even if all extremely coordinated and immediately attributable to the brand.