Tires leave their mark, both metaphorically and literally, in Pirelli’s “Annual Report 2014” volume designed by Cacao Design.

The Annual Report, for some companies and in particular for Pirelli, does not represent a simple “legal obligation”, a volume to be filled in with the numbers of the fiscal year and delivered to the stakeholders. Pirelli’s case is second only to the universally known calendar. And this is how another parallel story is added to the story of the numbers, much more valuable despite the excellent results that the company achieves every year: the story of values – first of all, the ability to innovate – f the brand.
This translates into a great challenge for Cacao Design, which has been asked to give a shape to this tool. A challenge every year more difficult, as it is always necessary to evolve with respect to what has already been achieved in the previous edition, and therefore to overcome oneself. The challenge of creating something that goes far beyond the simple concept of “Annual Report”, with the aim of transforming the volume into a real design object, into an original and effective communication tool, respecting brand values and of the dictates of the object itself – therefore also great attention to the functionality and readability of the texts – able to follow in an original and innovative way, if not even anticipate, the design trends of annual reports at an international level. See also the other Pirelli AR designed by Cacao Design: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015.