The budgetary equilibrium physically takes shape in the AR Pirelli.

The innovative binding solution for this annual report — or rather this design object — is a response to Pirelli’s requirement to convey a completely abstract concept, one of the key values of the brand, and one which is particularly relevant to this document: namely, talent at work. That of Pirelli’s own human resources as well as that of the 10 young international talents who were invited to “reinvent” the weel through their different disciplines. In the pages of the various volumes that comprise the report, their intuitions are revealed, and the container itself also needed to express the nature of this creative workshop, an embodiment of the concept of “spinning the wheel”.
Technically, the three volumes that comprise the report have a cut across their bottom left corner, allowing the container to remain “magically” balanced. A clear visual metaphor for an innovative and unexpected wheel, naturally featuring the Pirelli logo, whose inclined position makes it appear to spin.
A dynamic and original treatment for an annual report which, like Pirelli, is not only about numbers but also about values such as innovation, creativity, intuition, commitment and passion.