F.lli Omini SpA, leader in industrial demolitions, chooses Cacao Design to redesign its website.

F.lli Omini SpA is a company that specializes in industrial demolitions and site dismantling. It was born in 1984, and is well-known today for having overseen two of the most critical project sites in recent Italian history: the demolition of the Concordia ship wreck; the biggest cruise ship ever to sink, and the dismantling process and demolition of the Morandi Bridge in Genova.
After having developed a special brochure and a video showcasing both projects, Cacao Design went on to redesign the company’s website; too obsolete and no longer representative of the leading firm. As of 2007 – the year the logo was created; it’s design still effortlessly contemporary – Cacao Design has been curating all communication aspects for this long-standing client: events, videos, brochures and website. Great at demolishing… but just as great at building their brand.