Concordia project: step by step, the demolition of the largest cruise ship ever sunk in history.

Omini Spa has been entrusted with the demolition of the Concordia’s wreck, the largest cruise ship ever sunk: 114.500 tones, 35,5 meters high and 290 meters long (Titanic was 269 meters long). The Company decided to celebrate this unique project lasted almost 2 years – from august 2015 until march 2017 – through three coordinated and highly emotionally impacting instruments. Cacao Design has signed all the three of them: the video (directed by Giovanni Pitscheider), the brochure Omini – Progetto Concordia and the event. Cacao Design has been taken care of the invitation and location settings of the event and it created a special gift for the guests, the design of which recalls the high technique, professionalism and emotional involvement the Omini spa invested into this project.