Logo, Visual Identity and web design for Massimo Magaldi, an architect firm based in Milan.

Massimo Magaldi’s projects are born from concepts focused on human well-being. They always embody a search for perfect balance between matter, light, space, comfort and technology. Elegance, attention to the surroundings and innovation are the hallmarks of his creations, in addition to a constant search for formal simplicity, attention to details and the adoption of sustainable technologies and materials.
Cacao Design has tried to synthesize all these elements in its brand: a stylized M and A that, like in Magaldi’s projects, conceal multiple values behind a construction of shapes and lines. In this contrast of shapes and colors – but also of perfect harmony – the captivating element is the letter A, which is perfectly legible despite not being written. The aim is to narrate the research of different and unexpected views – the invisible signature of all the studio’s projects.