Created by Cacao Design with direction by Giovanni Pitscheider and music by Stefano Lendini, “Open your eyes” is the title of the video that the L’abilità Onlus Association presented to open the 4th Forum of Social Policies in Milan.

A video that shows disability, with strong, poetic and very symbolic images because they wanted to represent in a “different” way what are the needs and rights of people with disabilities in Milan, and which are the necessary responses that a good government should guarantee. Far from the stereotypes that are usually traced back to people with disabilities.


Words related to disability must go beyond physical or intellectual handicap, and touch on broader issues concerning justice, freedom and identity. Justice because all people with disabilities must have the same right to have a life plan, the freedom of a parent to be able to count on concrete help for everyday needs and respect for everyone’s identity.


To do this it is necessary that the child with disabilities and his family are at the center of the thoughts of social policies, because only by becoming aware of their needs can one intervene not only to buffer emergency situations but to create a concrete life project. Therefore, to open our eyes, to open our eyes to the world of disability and rights.