Naming, logo design, corporate identity and website in the name of excellence for AALTO Restaurant, independent and boundless cuisine in Milan.

AALTO is a name that conveys a value, more than a location. In fact, it was born from an intuition of the award-winning IYO EXPERIENCE brand, of which it takes up and evolves the level, research and refinement, creating a new modern, experimental, international and exclusive trend. Thus was born the name and then the brand of AALTO: a crossroads of segments, a crossroads of possible directions, which give rise to a concentric shape but without borders and without borders, like its cuisine.
It is no coincidence that these segments are eight, a particularly lucky number in oriental culture. And it is no coincidence that they take different and opposite directions, in a continuous dynamism which, however, finds, in our eyes, a perfect balance. This shape therefore represents the multitude of tastes and cultures which, when combined with skill and wisdom, allow perfect harmony not only to the eyes but also, by extension, to the palate. In this new form, nothing has its origin and nothing has an end: there is only a path made up of paths, an experience made up of experiences.
To close the circle, in the Visual Identity elements of the AALTO restaurant, very thin cuts draw lines on a black background, also never parallel or orthogonal, and cross all the materials (menus, business cards, wine list, etc.). Traces of a sharp blade, signs of a skilful path in the preparation of food. An artistic memory that leaves a deep golden groove.