A complete branding project for Gong Restaurant, high-end Chinese cuisine in Milan. Absolute elegance and attention to details are the ingredients of logo, Visual Identity, packaging and website design.

The one and only Chinese haute cuisine in Milan is called Gong Oriental Attitude. In applying her avant-garde vision to revisit historic Chinese traditions, Giulia Liu has come up with a freshly contemporary twist for her restaurant. More than a name, it is a sound that characterizes this place, certainly one of the most exclusive Asian restaurants in Milan. The logo mentions a recurring architectural detail in the location, a modern revision of the “gong” that is in everyone’s imagination. Like the dishes on the menu, the Visual Identity materials also have a common thread made up of refinement, quality of materials (metaphorically of raw materials) and great attention to detail. The gongoriental.com website wants to offer online a taste of the immersive experience that customers can experience in the dining room, in the space of Corso Concordia 8.