Fontegrafica, the “best printer in the world”, entrusts Cacao Design with a truly complete total rebrand: logo, corporate identity, website, advertising and set-ups.

Fontegrafica is a top level printer, worldwide known as the “Sappi International Printer of the Year Awards” and the “Gold Ink Awards” multiple winner. The Fontegrafica old logo and stationery do not anymore represent adequately the worldwide leadership and the top quality of the firm.
During the consideration for its institutional color, and given that the company always seeks to reflect the colors and images of its clients through its work of print, we came up with the idea to give the Fontegrafica logo an effect of “mirror”, technically attainable with the use of a warm silver. All the materials, in their apparent simplicity, have been realized with generous usage of very special techniques and innovative packaging solutions so that every single piece of the project becomes a piece of design in grade to concretely demonstrate Fontegrafica’s print abilities.