A timeless calendar, in which the micro becomes macro to convey the incredible printing capacity of an industry leader: Fontegrafica.

12-sheet wall calendar for Fontegrafica, one of the most accredited reference points in the printing industry worldwide. An important “communication object” characterized by a concept as simple as it is impactful: 12 images to show the human eye 12 small, large objects taken from the everyday world. Macroscopic images, printed in large format with very high definition, to look at the microscopic imperfections of reality in a way never seen before. The calendar measures approx. 2 meters high and is delivered with a professional loupe, specially designed by Cacao Design for this project. The loupe is used to read the days of the month, deliberately printed so as to be illegible to the naked eye: an ironic invitation to analyze the print quality of the 12 plates, which to maintain the highest detail were printed in ultra-high definition, using a combination of conventional and experimental techniques.