A special monographic book to tell the Boldrocchi Group’s 100 years of activity. A world-renowned engineering, manufacturing and service firm with products in over 140 countries.

A book realized in the occasion of 100 years of the activity of Boldrocchi Group, an important italian metal factory that has reached the worldwide leadership in construction of industrial fans. Metal and its forms are the basis of the inspiration for this “design object”, a prestigious volume that tells a story and actuality of the firm, through a journalistic/biographic cut and a selection of high emotional impact images (recent ones by Matteo Gastel photographer), moreover strengthened in the printing phase (by Fontegrafica) by using titanium silver for the metal, once again the protagonist of the story of Boldrocchi family from the grandfather to Dr. Massimo, now in charge of the Group and its success, and make it even more magical on paper.