A total branding project (from the naming to the logo to all the elements of the coordinated image, including an exclusive packaging totally designed ad hoc) for Aji.

Aji, “taste” in Japanese: a new concept of catering that has takeaway & delivery as its focus. Excellent raw materials, high-level chefs and attention to service are the distinctive pluses of the brand, which also in its visual identity wanted to convey the extreme attention to detail that distinguishes it. Since the kitchen is characterized by a strong oriental connotation, all the materials have been covered with a texture that takes inspiration from the rising sun, obviously reinterpreted graphically and chromatically so as to become original and highly recognizable, while maintaining a refined and delicate style that is well matches with the level and sophistication of the offer and the target. To close the circle, a website awarded with an Honorable Mention by the jury of the C2A Creative Communication Award 2019: aji.mi.it